Spam sucks, and so does fraudulent emails like this one. If you are an MSN Messenger user, or you have an @MSN email address, you may have received a fraudulent email containing instructions to give up your account information directly. It’s a bold move, and for those who just don’t pay attention very well.

The email originates from the email address [email protected], although the “Name” in the address field shows “Windows Live Team.” Let me assure you however, that this is NOT from the Windows Live Team. This is from a fraudulent, indecent human being who has nothing better to do than attempt to steal account information from people.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you do not give up your information, especially if you are one of those people who use the same username and password for everything online (very stupid). Be wary of emails that want you to give up your account information, because these are always scams. No professional entity in the history of the web, and likely in the future of the web, will EVER ask you directly to give up your password. This information can easily be transferred from one database to another, without ever needing to know the info.

Besides… if they were really from the Windows Live Team, they would have at least used proper grammar.

Below is a photo of the email that was forwarded to us by our source on Facebook (who then forwarded it for us). If you get an email like this, DO NOT BELIEVE IT, and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING!

(via Feliciano Godoy on Facebook)


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