AT&T has been sending out text messages to users who are said to be getting close to that magical top 5% area of users, telling people that they are going to be throttled if they continue to indulge themselves excessively. People have been complaining a lot about this policy for a while, and now it appears some smart-ass thinks he/she is clever in this most recent little scam attempt.

It seems like there have been an awful lot of people out there lately trying to infect a device, or steal information from other people. Not sure how effective these scams are, but unlike the Android malware threat, this one clearly doesn’t hide what it’s doing very well at all.

In the text message below, received by a member of the AT&T Fan Page on Facebook, the scam artist slips up a bit, disclosing an obviously fake email address at the top of the message. The message appears to be attempting to pose itself as a legitimate AT&T warning message, which comes to unlimited data users when they are about to get throttled. The message tells users to click a link, or call a number. This is the same thing AT&T’s text messages always say, but what’s different is the part in the beginning, and the part at the very end.

We aren’t entirely sure why this was sent out, or what their intentions are as far as monetary gain, but the text is most certainly a fake, and you shouldn’t interact with it in any way, or believe that what it says is official in any way.

It’s also from a totally different phone number, and the message is not free. AT&T sends these warning texts from 753-5, and this is coming from 1-410-000-001, clearly a fake number.

I can tell you with certainty right now, AT&T’s messages aren’t going to have an email address at the top of them. They also don’t tell people to text “Stop” to block messages. All messages from AT&T are also free, and this one charges you. Replying to this message isn’t a good idea. It’s not coming from the right location, and texting back could enroll you in a subscription service of a third party (have you ever been in one of those?). Those are nasty, and a lot of times you’ll get to see the effects on your bill.

If you have received this message, let us know in the comments below. I don’t recommend doing anything that it says to do, including texting “Stop” to stop the messages. Who knows what could happen. If you know others who may have received such messages, be sure to use that send button down there to let them know.

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