When Facebook announced the new Timeline setup for profiles, just about everyone hated it (as they do with every change Facebook makes). Many months after the first announcement, most of the hate and angst has gone away, as it always does. Still, it seems that there are many users who have refused to switch to the Timeline layout.

Too bad. There aren’t many of you, but Facebook has announced that, before the end of the year, all users who haven’t switched to Timeline will have it done for them. Facebook says that this will be for their revamp of how photos will be displayed, which requires Timeline. This isn’t huge news for many of you, but I know a few friends who still haven’t made the switch.

The migration to Timeline won’t be en masse, however. First, Facebook will once again try to prompt the switch out of its users. Those who see the new prompt will have a week to switch before it’s done for them. This isn’t the first time that Facebook has required some people to adopt the new profile layout, but this time it’ll gradually ensure that all of its nearly 1 billion users have Timeline.

What do you think? No big deal, or is Facebook killing choice? I think 85% of the Internet prefers to see Timeline at this point, and I’m being a little conservative.

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