Few pieces of evidence can be the single deciding factor in getting a conviction in a murder case. Often times, lawyers have to do a substantial amount of digging to uncover facts that can lead to the desired outcome in their cases. However, when the murderer just happens to post a video of the whole incident to Facebook… well, let’s just say the outcome of the case is much easier to predict, and the facts are far easier to see.

According to CNN, Malik Jones, 16, who was charged with the fatal beating last week of Delfino Mora, 62, in Chicago, Illinois, actually had a video of the attack on his cell phone when he was arrested. The video was taken by his two friends, also teenagers. Prosecutors also say that the teen posted the video to his account on Facebook.

The video was seen on Facebook by someone who claimed to be another of Jones’ victims, who identified him both Jones and his victim. Afterwards, he shared the video with Mora’s younger brother, who went to the police. Jones was arrested days later.

All three teenagers, who were also accused of robbing Mora of $60 while he lay unconscious in an alley. They will all be tried as adults for first-degree murder.


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