I’m not going to lie, I love the new Facebook Timelines. It’s an attractive interface that allows me to interact with people in a whole new way. Until recently, it wasn’t anything you’d notice when browsing from a mobile phone. Today though, Facebook pushed out an attractive timeline view for mobile browsers as well.

If you haven’t heard of timeline, I’ve put together a great 3-part series to walk you through all of the new features on Facebook. Not everyone has this look yet though, so it’ll be something that you have to already be enrolled in to see for now. Users that aren’t already updated to the new Timelines will be viewed the way we’ve grown to see as normal. They won’t have a featured banner image, and they won’t have tiles and apps displayed on their profile.

If you’d like a tour of Timelines, CLICK HERE. To activate timelines for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Taking cues from the new desktop interface, the mobile site now has featured tiles which display content in a new, more graphically attractive way. Users also have the ability to rearrange these sections of their profile, and display new content by default if they wish. The update button is also there, and it uses the same tools as the desktop version uses, allowing you to add a post IN THE PAST if you’d like, further adding to your history to help share your life stories with your friends more accurately. With it, you can add photos of your new car that you never added before, at the appropriate dates, as if you added them before. This applies to almost anything. Facebook’s Timelines allows you to go back and change the past, and more easily view the past of your friends.

Also, the mobile interface now shows photos larger on your timeline as well. Facebook has really enhanced how photos are shared, making them larger to all when you post.

You can see some example screenshots below. Enjoy!

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