Every now and then, Facebook tries to release a new app that gives a single feature of Facebook the center stage. Most of the time, like with their camera app they tried to force on us, it’ll flop. Sometimes, like their messaging app and Pages manager, it somewhat succeeds (actually messenger is my most used app for Facebook), but this time Facebook has announced an app that will likely do more than succeed, in my opinion. They call it “Paper,” and it’s available February 3rd NOW ON THE APP STORE.

This app attempts to get Facebook users more in touch with their news feeds, bringing most of the content that people use on Facebook for day-to-day viewing and communication, and giving it a beautiful and intuitive gesture-controlled interface. It looks nothing like the normal Facebook application at all. In fact, it sorta reminds me more of Flipboard than anything else.

Paper uses horizontally scrolling screens, multiple vertical gestures for interaction, and even takes advantage of the accelerometer to deliver images that look beautiful in a more natural, true form. It still has a WYSIWYG editor for posting new content, and you can still like, comment, and share content to your own profiles right within Paper as well. Perhaps, this could even be a replacement for your normal Facebook app. It might stop you from the mindless scrolling you’re used to, and make Facebook fun to look at again.

However it still won’t fix the underlying problem of Facebook’s commercialism. While paper doesn’t necessarily show advertisements being part of the interface right now, they’re still filtering a massive amount of content from your feeds, and hiding things that might be of more interest to you, hoping that those brands will pay money to have their content show to you. Larger corporate entities like Time, Washington Post, CNN, etc. will still get the prime time slots in your feeds, at the sacrifice of the smaller pages (like us). View this video below for more information on that. The irony here is, you probably didn’t even see this post on your Facebook feeds anyways. Just another reason to join Google Plus you guys, honestly.

What do you think?

 What do you think of this new Paper app? Is it something you find attractive, and will be trying out on February 3rd? Do you think this will change how your user experience with Facebook is, and keep you looking at the site’s content more often? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to follow us in other places to stay updated with our daily content, since Facebook probably won’t show you anything we share. We’re on TWITTER, and GOOGLE+ as well. Thanks.


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