Facebook is easily the most popular social gathering spot in the world (digitally speaking). It has grown to be a part of our very culture, and we love it, and hate it, every day. Today, I hate it. There is a long drug out list of things I could say about the recent updates to the way Facebook works, including on how cluttered it is now with the photo banner, how messages are now MORE difficult to keep track of, and now… how annoying talking to somebody can be.

Why is talking to somebody annoying now? Simple… because we are about to get overloaded with notifications because there is about to be an overload of comments. You see, it used to be simple to write in a box. You type what you want in a nice structure, and then hit ENTER to start a new paragraph. Now, that has all stopped. On any wall, it is now required that you hit SHIFT+ENTER to start a new paragraph. The part that annoys me most is that people are going to start commenting all over the place without realizing what is going on. Facebook needs to start telling people when they are making changes. it’s really annoying that they got rid of the send button. It prevented a lot of people from saying the wrong thing. Now, Copy/Paste is our best friend, as we dash to fix what we just messed up on, and delete the old post before anybody sees it.

UPDATED: There is a simple FIX for this nonsense. If you hate this as much as I do, and want to get rid of it, CLICK HERE

This applies to comments only, and does not affect how your status updates and normal wall posts are done. You can still do those the nice way.

This is easily going to annoy the crap out of me for a while, but like all things, I’ll probably get used to it. One thing to point out also, is that if you do make a mistake, and hit Enter to early, you don’t actually have to retype everything, or even Copy/Paste. Instead, hit the “X” immediately (as if to delete it) and Facebook will allow you to have a mulligan on the post. It will actually retract it from the comment thread, and allow you to edit it. The window to do this is pretty small, so you have to be quick about it.

It’s going to annoy me, but what do you think? Is this better? Have you even noticed the changes at all? Let us know on facebook, or in the comments below! Thanks!



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