This is interesting! Facebook has just added yet another change to how we use their service, this time changing comments yet again to include thumbnails and article previews to the comments section.

Facebook has vowed to roll out a bunch of new features in the future, and I’m sure this isn’t the last one we’ll see. They’ve already made changes to the comment structure before, and everybody hated it. I personally hated having to hit SHIFT+ENTER to make new paragraphs… so I got rid of that right away.

They then made a another change recently to the chat system, making it an insanely annoying sidebar that never goes away (as if chat is the main thing we do anyways). This time, despite their track record of screwing with people’s minds, they may have actually made a decent change, and possible made Facebook a little more attractive.

One negative is how messy it can look though. Since the link to the article stays within the comment field, this addition actually adds an un-needed extra link, which can make a comment look cluttered, and even more difficult to read. See what I mean from looking at THIS SCREENSHOT.

The change just took effect, and it’s uncertain of how the people will react to this one. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure it’s¬†necessary, but perhaps some people will like it. The change here is obviously going to be a far better welcome the comments structure system that they introduced before. This feature, actually makes the comments a bit more stylistic, and a bit more attractive.

Check out the video below for out brief demonstration. It’s decent, and I’m pretty okay with it. What do you think?


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