Facebook is making changes again, this time with Messages. When sending private messages to your friends, the layout we’re used to looks a bit bland, and in my opinion too simple. Worst of all, it takes too many clicks to get where you’d like to be (say, back to your list of messages after reading and having a conversation). Yes, I know it’s only one click. That’s why it is too many.

Since Facebook introduced Timeline, they’ve shown they are capable of integrating users in an experience that caters to simplicity wrapped in complexity. I know what you’re thinking when I say that, but I’m referring to simplicity for us users, and complexity for Facebook developers. They’ve wrapped a bunch of new features into our experience without taking up more space than before. It’s easy to learn, simple to use, and provides function we haven’t had before.

With messages, the same goal presents itself. The new layout is two columns, much like the Mail application in Mac OS X, where our conversation lists are on the left, and the full conversation with the selected person is on the right. The layout more closely matches Timeline, and thus, creates a more uniform look and experience on the site throughout.

But it gets better. These changes aren’t merely with aesthetics. In fact, Facebook messages are getting even more features, including multiple photo shares (share more than one photo at a time), and keyboard shortcuts! To see the full list of available shortcuts, type Alt Q on a PC or Control Q on a Mac.

Lastly, finding messages from the past just got easier. There are smarter search functions installed for your interface now, so that you can find conversations by new criteria (like keywords, for example).

If you don’t have the new message layout yet, don’t worry. It’s rolling out to everyone now and you’ll get it shortly. It isn’t something that needs activated like other features. This one will happen automatically.

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(via Vadim Lavrusik)



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