There is a battle royal that has begun just now, and people are getting all excited about gearing up for a showdown. Google Plus Direct of Engineering, Vic Gundotra has shared with us a nice little friendly voting competition that will allow all users currently on Facebook, and Google+ to vote for the button that they prefer best.

While this isn’t really all that big of a deal, it is a really cool site… so I’m sharing it.

If you prefer the Facebook “LIKE” button, simply click the LIKE button, and Facebook’s own system will be keeping track of the counter like always.

If you prefer Google’s PLUS ONE button, click that… and Google will be keeping track as always.

When it comes to sharing media with your friends in the recent past, the Facebook Like button has been key to sharing stories around the web with your friends. With Google+ making it’s way into the world, and with such high demand, it could easily become a key contendor to defeat the like button.

So… who will you vote for? Tell the world your choice NOW!


Never heard of Google+, and want to learn more? CLICK HERE

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