Facebook has just launched a new feature for their Facebook Groups, which better personalize the experience of being part of a group. Facebook groups, and the general interface itself, has undergone a lot of changes over the years, and recently the updates seem to be coming faster than every before.

Today, Facebook launched a photo stream above groups on Facebook. The stream displays the profile photos of recently active members of the groups, showing those who have engaged in discussions recently. Now member photos are right at the top of the group , and you can just click on someone to see their timeline. You’ll be able to find the old group photo in the collection of group photos.

No word yet on what lies ahead for the future of Facebook Fan Pages, which appear to be the last place on the social network to not receive an updated look and feel. I’d personally LOVE to have a cover photo on our Facebook page, just like personal timelines. It would add an entirely new dimension to displaying a company image, and could prompt some really creative uses of the space.

via Vadim Lavrusik

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