So many people on the web are saying things like “Stalkerbook” and “Facebook invades my privacy” and other generic nonsense like this. It’s really spreading too, because as you can see from the countless posts about “Facebook charging for use” that have been spreading around, people will believe anything they read from any random person on the web. It’s what spreads nonsense quickly. It’s what fuels all the rumors that tech blogs publish. People talk.

Something people should understand though, is that Facebook isn’t evil. They aren’t some big bad company that is “out to get you” and steal info from you. People using Facebook need to understand what it means to distribute their information out in a public way. Everything you put on the internet… is OUT ON THE INTERNET. This is an open network of computers, which no security measures known to be in existence today can guarantee 100% protection from. If you want to share your photos with your friends, share them with your friends. If you want to “check-in” to the movie theater when you see a movie, then check in. Just know that how your information is distributed depends on YOUR settings. You control it. They’ve given you very thorough range of control, and some of those controls may be intimidating to people. In the future, a comprehensive and in-depth walk-through of Facebook’s security settings may show up here.

If you don’t want to share something with a person, don’t. If you don’t want people finding out you did something you shouldn’t have done last night, don’t put it on the web. If your friend decides to put that photo up, and your mom sees it anyways, blame yourself (or your friend), but don’t blame Facebook. The entire purpose is to help you share with others. It’s working perfectly.

Facebook a tool that can be used to connect with people. That’s all it is. You can choose to use it as much or as little as you want, but no matter what happens, you own your info, and you are in control of how it gets shared with people on the network, and around the world. Does Facebook “use your info” for certain things? Absolutely. All networks would be smart to do so. They need to develop complex code that fits your needs the best, and there is only one way to know what you want: get information. They may not just “ask you” what you want, because people can lie, and people also find it annoying to be given a survey. Instead, Facebook’s team of experts just observe patterns. They aren’t watching you personally, just a huge group of 800+ million people. They view patterns of how people are using certain features, and with those patterns, they can identify the best course of action to take their network to the next level. It’s what allows them to give such fantastic network performance (it loads very fast all the time), and it allows them to remain free for you to always use forever. Facebook has helped millions of people change and adapt their businesses, and has NEVER asked for anything in return. They never will. It’s because of how it’s set up. Use it, or don’t. I think you’ll find far more benefits to using it though.

That’s my rant. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go post an embarrassing photo of my buddy sleeping drunk on the penny horsey at Meijer. What a dork! :D


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