Facebook enables people from around the world to join together and collaborate in new ways. Throughout its history, Facebook has introduced Groups for people to join together with similar interests, Business and Fan-based pages for celebrities and businesses to gather a following and communicate with fans and clients, and has recently allowed individuals to get subscribers, a feature that allows people to follow the public updates of a person without having to become their friends.

Today, a new form of interaction was introduced: Facebook Groups for Schools.

Today we’re announcing Groups for Schools, which allow people with an active school email address to join groups at their college or university.

The new feature will give educational institutions a chance to have a special space pampered with special features that are specific to what a school would likely find useful. Such features include a file sharing system specific for the school group, making it easier for students to share lecture notes, sports schedules or class assignments with their peers.

Students can get in touch and display information more fluidly using a platform they were likely already visiting while being distracted on a paper they were writing. We’re all generally visiting Facebook while working on class work anyways, so perhaps a small portion of their attention will be spent collaborating with other students with Facebook Groups for Schools.  You’ll now be able to join a group for your major to discuss classes, plan events for a sorority, or perhaps a specific group to share files and photos with your dorm.

Groups for Schools will gradually be rolling out to colleges and universities around the world. If your school doesn’t have it yet, just give it a little time.

Now if they could just get rid of those Facebook viruses. That would probably enhance the experience, right?


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