Facebook has given the world a unique representation of what a connected world can be, and has opened the imagination for what we can do in the future. They’ve got the best features to date, and despite public critique, the most sophisticated and controllable privacy features we’ve ever had online. One part of Facebook that Zuckerberg and his team have yet to really decide on however, has been their User Interface, and the overall appearance and usability of their front-end.

As many of you know, Facebook has been changing their design quite frequently, and it’s brought on a lot of criticism each time. Never-the-less, users eventually adapt quickly enough to the constant changes in Facebook to be satisfied with what they are using…. and then they change it again. Perhaps the multiple tweaking of user experience can slow down now that they’ve grabbed one of Apple’s former UI design managers to join their team.

Facebook has secured the services of former Apple UI design manager Chris Weeldreyer. Chris will become the company’s product manager. Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer recently announced that he is leaving the company to start his own business, and the social network was in need to add some new innovative talent to their team as a result. The job was never posted on any job boards for the company, and the acquisition of Weeldreyer came as a bit of a surprise to many in the company as a result.

Weeldreyer was a key asset to Apple, having joined the company in November 2003. He’s since been closely involved with software design, and judging by his Linkedin profile, left the company in February 2012. Facebook may be hoping to grab a hold of some of his extensive knowledge in great design, which could likely mean that we Facebook users are in for yet another UI design change in the future.

Yay! I can’t wait! #sarcasm

Facebook and Apple’s relationship has gotten closer recently, with the new integration of the social network into Apple’s iOS 6 mobile operating system. Apple’s products have always had a unique and attractive design and performance that people love, and Facebook’s acquisition of a UI Design leader may reflect an admiration for the fruit company’s designs, and a drive to emulate them a bit.


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