Facebook is notorious for changing things around on people without any mention or hint that they are doing it. Today is no exception. They’ve modified the way photos are appearing on the way, and the way the light box looks.

It’s interesting to me why they’ve gone with this look. In the previous version, everything was white. Facebook has always been white everywhere, and the old photos (theater view) was just fine, allowing comments to run down the page just like any normal status update. Today though, photos are given a whole new skin in the light box.

The obvious reason, to me anyways, is precisely because of comments scrolling all the way down the page all of the time. Ever since photos have become bigger on the home news feed, people have been posting photos demonstrating messages, whether they are political or funny meme style posts, and they are easily taken viral by every person that’s online at the time their friends post it. When this happens, many people comment, and things can get a little out of control. I’ve seen one meme that had over 100,000 “shares” on it. How many comments… I’ll leave that as a guess for you.

The point is, this move seems to be motivated by that very purpose. People are scrolling endlessly down the page reading comments, instead of seeing the photos. Which is fine, as far as I’m concerned, because if they are scrolling, they are obviously more interested in the comments than the picture at that time. Now though, people will be able to comment on photos, with the photo remaining on-screen, off to the left. The box is also much more profound, and darker, giving even more attention to the photos themselves.

It’s brand new, so it’s possible you haven’t got it yet, but as a new adapter and such, I felt compelled to show you. What do you think?

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