Although limited to the United Kingdom (for now), Facebook is now allowing a gambling app where you can gamble with real money. Granted, it’s a Bingo app, nothing that you could call hardcore, but it heralds future possibilities that I find disturbing. Slot machine and poker apps by Zynga are soon to follow for the UK, and these apps will soon be made available the world over if it becomes profitable enough, and the only real firewall is that you have to certify that you’re 18 years or older. Really?

Fifteen-year-olds have been getting around that since the dawn of the Internet. And a Facebook account is ridiculously easy to hack into; I’ve done it as a prank to my friends countless times. Things are, now there is potentially sensitive information on Facebook accounts. And even if you can’t directly get a hold of credit card information or the like, it takes about two seconds to bet a bunch of money that the user doesn’t want to bet, and lose it all. Worst of all, Facebook hasn’t exactly been very good about keeping a user’s private information, well,  private.

Maybe it’s the paranoid in me talking, but I see a very real possibility of people who play that app losing a lot of money one way or another, either as a malicious prank or actual theft. Thinking too much about it? Probably. But what do you think?

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