The Harry Potter books are now, for the first time ever, available in ebook form. They are available as an ePub, or Kindle format, carrying the series with you just got a lot easier.

The price for each book is $8 for the first three in the series, and $10 for each of the last four books. (I would have charged 9 & three quarters.) You can of course buy the entire set for a very specific price of $57.54

After buying the books on the Pottermore Shop website, you’ll be able to download them via a Kindle or Kindle App. You also have the option of getting them in an ePub format. Since the ePub files are unprotected, you can use them on just about any iOS or Android device, along with anything else that is ePub compatible.

So if you’ve read the books before, or if you are just starting, now is a great time to catch the magic. Accio Kindle and get to reading Harry Potter fans.

Hogwart's Castle: Universal Orlando Resort

Source:, Pottermore Shop 

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