Steve Wozniak has been with Steve Jobs since the beginning. The two Steves co-founded what is today known as the “most successful start-up” of our time, and the wealthiest technology innovator in history. Even having been there since day one, and having always been on the payroll at Apple (he currently gets paid about a couple hundred per week from the tech giant), Steve Wozniak (also known as “Woz” by people who know him) continues to always wait in lines to get the iPhone when it’s released.

Woz feels it’s just something he has to do. He says he’s gotten so used to waiting in line overnight at the store that the product has more meaning to him now, and that waiting for it like everybody else is just his way of recognizing that it’s a big part of his life.

He was particularly pumped about seeing what that camera was capable of, but he was even more obsessed with being able to experience what Siri had to offer. He says, in the video below, that he’s tired of having to punch buttons to get what he wants done on a phone, and he felt extremely excited to finally be able to experience what Siri has to offer him. He wants to be able to communicate with a device like he does another person, and speak how he wants to speak. He feels Siri is the future.

He also goes on record several times saying that it’ll be better than Google (as a search engine) in every way, and that in his opinion, search engines should be phased out, and “answer engines” are the future.

As you may know, Siri uses the powerful site Wolfram|Alpha, a very intelligent platform capable of giving people straight answers to questions, using a vast knowledge base that is ever-expanding as it’s used. Wozniak was pretty passionate about the fact that he no longer wants his technology to lead him to places where he can find the answers, but rather, give him the answers directly. He feels Siri is that amazing feature he’s been waiting for.


(Photo Credit: ABC – Video by: TechCrunch)

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