Now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Uppercut Games’ new developement, called Epoch, comes to the iOS platform to kick some robotic ass. Yes, Uppercut Games seems to have taken Gears of War, and combined it with robots, perhaps even something like Wall-E. At least, the movie does come to my head when I see it, although the game itself wasn’t likely intended to be that way. Really, its indescribable, but it still looks really fun to play!.

Uppercut Games, in case you didn’t know, is a studio containing a few of the great minds behind the Bioshock series, with Andrew James and Ed Orman, previously at Irrational Games, leading the operations for this future masterpiece.

It’s using the Unreal Engine, as some gamers may know of, and so that makes it bad ass. The engine is a flexible one, and has allowed a variety of games thus far, such as Infinity Blade, as well as Dragon Hunter 2, to come to the platform as well. You can check out those reviews by clicking their names. Epoch is being called a “postapocalyptic shooter.” Developers… thank you.

You’ll notice from the video above that the shooter’s gameplay is pretty fast paced, and it features some rather acrobatic moves from the main character. To be successful, players will have to aim well, but also know when to take cover and hide from a blaze of firepower. The storyline, at least as far as I’m concerned, has bits and pieces of movies such as iRobot (a few scenes resemble it), Avatar, and the Gears of War series. It’s bound to be a really cool experience for all gamers are willing to buy it.

When the game made its debut on the App Store, it sold for $5.99. That price was a bit high I thought, but now the game seems to have made its way down past the $3 mark (as of this post. Current price is reflected in the widget above).

One of the downsides of the game, as I’ve come to discover, is the lack of diversity within the game itself. While there is plenty of other robots to destroy and many cut scenes to help transition you from place to place, the game really lacks the freedom to explore, adapting to a structure similar to the first Infinity Blade when it was released. Gameplay is extremely linear in nature, and can start to fee repetitive after a short time

It’s now available in the App Store for $2.99, a fairly competitive price for games of this caliper. You can grab it FOR IPHONE HERE, or FOR IPAD HERE!


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