The Nintendo Wii U is making all kinds of news this week, and will continue to do so for quite a while, with the introduction of its gorgeous design of unique features. It’s primary selling point is not only the super awesome Miiverse community network, but also it’s touch-screen tablet-style control pad, and how it interacts with the world the user wants to explore. However despite the innovation behind the exclusive product, this tablet concept may not actually be staying exclusive with Wii U for very long.

A report suggests this generation of console may actually be getting a tablet controller of its own, namely the Xbox 360. The Examiner reports that Microsoft will reveal its “Xbox Smart Glass” tablet at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this coming week. As GameSpot describes:

The report includes a picture of a tablet with a Windows logo on it featuring an “Xbox Smart Glass” branding, and credits Microsoft for the photo. It also suggests the Xbox 360 maker will show off the tablet in behind-closed-doors presentations, but adds that a demo clip will be shown at E3 (presumably at Microsoft’s Monday morning media briefing) with no live video.

According to The Examiner, the Smart Glass will let players control the Xbox 360 and use it to access Xbox Live apps like Netflix or stream video between the tablet, a TV, desktop PC, or other devices. The functionality of the tablet will also apparently be available in apps for other devices, as the report says it “will be available cross-platform on multiple operating systems including Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.”

Microsoft does own a trademark on the term “Smart Glass”, which covers “computer hardware and software for phones, mobile devices, televisions, video game consoles, media players, and audiovisual devices.” This would suggest that there is a lot of truth behind the Xbox Smart Glass report.

But would you Xbox gamers out there use such a device? If so, what would you look to do with it? It does sound as though touch-screen interfaces are taking over the world, and the possibilities have yet to reach their limits. Microsoft’s press conference at E3 starts Monday june 4 at 9:30PT.

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