I mentioned more online interaction a little while ago in a previous article asking for three things out of Nintendo this week. Today, I got my wish… kinda.

Nintendo introduced their new ideas for online global connectivity, building off of the Wii Plaza, in which your Mii would interact with other Miis you had on the console. Like a little town in itself. With Wii U, that philosophy remains similar, but Nintendo has opened the floodgates for a whole lot more good-ness to come from it. Now Miis will interact with other consoles, depending on what games you play, and what language you speak. Those who speak English and play Mario, for example, will see other English-speaking Mario players wandering around on their consoles. The big difference here, is that users will be able to directly engage in conversation with them! Wow!

The Miiverse is an online forum for people to share thoughts, make friends, discuss games, swap notes, post doodles, offer guides for games, as well as a whole host of other interactions. Everything takes place live, and the people you find in the plaza are real people, who are really online at the time. You can instantly engage in conversation with others around the world, far easier and more fluid than on any other gaming platform in the world. Like usual, Nintendo has truly done something unique and original with this next generation console.

Using the new controller for the Wii U, people can interact in a text-messaging-style system to communicate with other players. This comes in handy, as they showed us in their demo video, when it comes time to ask other players for help with difficult sections of the game that’s being played.

Part of the Miiverse also involves communication via mobile apps, such as an app on the iPhone. With these apps being integrated into your Miiverse, you can reach people on their phones directly from the Wii U Control Pad. You can even open a video chat right on the controller with another player, without ever leaving the game you’re currently playing. Although the video chat feature is a “future” feature, and may not be ready quite yet at the time of product release, the eventual idea is to allow other players to appear on your television screen while you play against them. Think Call of Duty with Skype on at the same time. How awesome would that be?


Nintendo appears to be taking online gaming seriously now, and although they haven’t yet announced the full specs of their next console, the work they’ve put into the network is more than enough to get everyone eager to hear more at this weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012. We’ll be covering it all week, and you can get yourself filled in with everything you might have missed by clicking the big banner below the main menu above.


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