Earlier, we showed you the new upcoming FPS war game Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, which is my personal favorite for war-games for this E3 so far. (DETAILS HERE). The game flaunts awesome graphics, smooth gameplay, and realistic movements and reactions from characters that really allow you to be sucked into the story.

But war games today aren’t simply enough without a multiplayer element. If you create a war game, and it doesn’t have a rock solid multiplayer that people can grab ahold of and never want to let go (like Battlefiled 3), then it’s almost a waste of the gamer’s time. That’s the opinion of some. Luckily, the multiplayer in Medal Of Honor: Warfighter doesn’t look all that bad, as you can see from the video above.

Players will experience rich and detailed environments, and will be able to choose between 8 countries/forces to fight for. It’ll be a game that will also continue to be built upon as time goes on. There are also battle elements and weapons that are unique to the game, which aren’t available in Battlefield 3 or COD, such as robot drones.

Danger Close-developed Warfighter is due to hit shelves on October 23 in the US, and October 26 in the UK and Australia.

Will it pull you away from Battlefield 3? Likely not, but it could be something to explore. Honestly, the trailer looks really awesome and you never know what can come from giving something the ol’ college try.

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