Along with the introduction of an awesome new version of Sim City, The EA Press Conference revealed a social networking version of Sim City, which would be free to play for all users. It’s most likely ad-supported like The Sims game on Facebook is, but being free-to-play will be a huge draw for those that want to develop cities with your friends.

Cities will be neighboring to other people, much like Sims can travel to their friends’ houses. With Sim City Social, you’ll gain powerful tools to develop friendships or rivalries against other cities. It’s quite an awesome idea:

In SimCity Social, there are no set linear paths to follow; cities evolve as a direct result of player-driven choice allowing for more creative freedom. As mayor, players will deal with unforeseen issues like fires, crime and pollution, and will make crucial decisions that will help them discover how their cities take shape. Social interactions in SimCity Social go far beyond just visiting friends’ cities or using them as resources to complete tasks. Players can choose to build friendly relationships with other cities or form an intense rivalry through a dynamic and ever-evolving friend and foe system. With multiple options for city growth, unexpected gameplay events that shape the destiny of the city, and city-to-city relationships, players will see recognizable changes that bring forth aesthetic and gameplay alterations based on the decisions made in the game – for better or for worse.

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