Remember back when Infinity Blade came out for iPhone, and everyone was going nuts over it? Well in my opinion, as far as fun and gamer involvement go, this game kicks Infinity Blades ass!

Dungeon Hunter 2 is currently available on the App Store for $6.99 (price may have changed since this was written… search for it in the widget box to the right to see what it is right now), and while that may seem like a steep price to pay, it’s actually not. The game offers a decent replay value, and some awesome multiplayer functions using Gameloft’s Online feature, or using GameCenter.

The first Dungeon Hunter managed to do very well in gamers’ eyes, giving them a deep, heavy action RPG that they could carry around in their pockets. The sequel is no different: It provides the same addictive gameplay, a decent storyline that you can get involved with, and they’ve added lots of new features as well. The world is large, lengthy, there are lots of character customization options, and you can even play the campaign co-op online (multiplayer mentioned above). Dungeon Hunter 2 is what a sequel should be: bigger and better.

You are given the option of choosing one of three different classes to play as (One that is melee, one that is a ranged fighter, and one that uses magic), each one with different strengths and weaknesses. Dungeon Hunter 2 is deeper than that though, and offers subclasses within each class of character that you can choose to be later on as you level up and get stronger.

For example, during my play-through, I began the game as a Mage before eventually specializing our character even further by becoming an Illusionist that could manipulate time and space to fit my needs. This adds yet another layer of customization for your character and more incentive to replay the game once you’re done.

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself locked in a dungeon inside of a swamp, only to be rescued by a priest. It turns out that your brother has not only taken control of the throne, but has turned to the dark arts as well. You head off in an attempt to talk reason into your sibling, only to find yourself caught up in something much bigger. The deceptive and twisting storyline in Dungeon Hunter 2 is sure to engage you in ways you have’t yet experienced on the iOS mobile platform for sure. It’s pretty well thought out, and the game lasts quite a long time.

The actual gameplay is almost exactly like the original, and is very responsive and easy to learn. Dungeon Hunter 2 allows player to choose abilities to assign to specific slots on the screen, and you can move using the virtual stick on the left, or you may choose to move by tapping where you wish to go (as far as playability during the fights, I found the virtual stick worked better for me). You view the world from an overhead perspective, traveling through different areas and defeating many enemies with the traditional hack ‘n slash RPG aproach. I actually found the movement and gameplay experience to be similar to when you first started playing World of Warcraft, or Diablo. You have one main attack, and you’ll gain access to various special attacks and abilities as well.

You can also equip Fairies to help you out on your quests. You can employ one of these magical little creatures at a time, and each one provides a different ability centered around an element like earth, wind, or ice. Optionally, you can complete some of the many side-quests in the game, such as the elemental trials in this example, to make the Fairies even stronger and more useful (they each have their own AOE attack as well).

There is a great upgrade system as well, allowing players to earn both skill and talent points. Skill points are used to improve things such as strength, dexterity, Endurance (your health), and Energy (your mana and magic attack abilities). While talent points can be used to add and improve special abilities and spell talents.

Graphically, the game is awesome as well. The lighting and water effects are incredible. You’ll see light streaming in through stained glass windows as you explore Gothic castles, and light reflects off pools of water as you walk around dank swamps. It simply looks gorgeous. You can also play the campaign co-op with anywhere from two to four players. This works via Bluetooth or local wireless, or online through Gameloft Live or Game Center. The co-op mode provides a largely similar experience when compared to the single-player game, except with an enhanced difficulty (because you have friends to help you now!)

I HIGHLY recommend this game to all gamers who have a bit of time on their hands, and don’t mind diving into a deep mobile game that will actually make them want to play more and m0re. I give Dungeon Hunter 2 a nice and respectable 9/10 for the iPhone.



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