I would be lying to you if I said I played a lot of MMORPGs. I don’t. Each one on its own is a huge time investment that never ends so long as new content is released, and so I could never juggle multiple games at once. That being the case, I try to be very selective. I dabbled a bit in World of Warcraft, but quickly grew tired of the monotony. I stayed away from Diablo III completely, and I’m glad I did. The most I do now is League of Legends, a free-to-play MMORPG that can be a lot of fun on occasion. But you can bet I’ll be getting my hands on Dragon Quest X.

Let’s go back to Diablo III for an example. There were so many server problems when the game was launched that players were unable to even access the single-player content, which isn’t even part of the MMO portion! Time and time again, launching an MMORPG is a real hassle, be it a new instalment in a series or even just some expansion. This was not the case withDragon Quest X, the first MMORPG for the Wii.

That’s not to say there weren’t problems. Because the game is being launched for the Wii, a console not known for being particularly powerful, players had to use a 16 GB USB to install the game. You couldn’t even use the system yourself, you needed a separate computer for it. That’s just an inconvenience, really, but the installation time is absolutely terrible. An hour or more is necessary between turning the system on and actually playing the game. I’ve complained a lot about needing to install pretty much anything on my PS3. I’m impatient by nature. But this is the longest I’ve ever seen anybody wait to play a game on a console.

But it’s completely worth it. To avoid server crashes, you start the game immediately, no account setup, no signing in. You’ll play the game’s single-player campaign for over two hours first. This not only gives players a taste of the game, but reduces the mad dash to create an account at the beginning of the game. So after the prologue is complete, the process of setting up an account is as easy and making a new Gmail. After that’s all said and done, you’re given 20 days of playing free.

Of course, with current news comes speculation of the future. Square Enix has again claimed they would make content for the game for the foreseeable future, boasting a ten-year plan.

I haven’t played the game yet, I’ve learned to wait a few days after launch first before getting into any MMO, one that’s currently only in Japanese especially. But I have seen video of it, and I can only wonder how much longer I can hold out.


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