During Apple’s keynote presentation today, they introduced a variety of new features for the updates to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and the new mobile operating system, iOS 6. They also debuted a load of amazing details about their new laptop line, including a massive Retina display update for the super thin and light Macbook Pro. (Details here).

During the presentation, Phil Schiller got up on the stage to introduce us to what this amazing display meant for application developers. They pointed out Photoshop, which is developing a wicked cool CS6 update that’ll be optimized for the retina display, as well as updates to their own Aperture and Final Cut Pro X applications, which are arguably the two most innovative applications for creative professionals to date.

They also showed Diablo 3, which the screen capture above doesn’t do justice to.

With the update, Diablo 3, and any other game developer that brings retina display support on the Mac App Store will be the best visual experience possible in gaming. Now, you simply cannot game with any better graphics than on a new Macbook Pro.


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