If you’re like me, and many of you are, you love movies. So much so, that you are likely enrolled in subscription-based programs that bring them to you in the simplest ways. For me, it’s Netflix (and soon to be Hulu Plus as well). Netflix has changed a lot about how movies get into our homes, and through this 21st century revolution of entertainment comes more simplicty, lower prices per movie, and more time spent watching in front of the television with the family.

Netflix works pretty well for that too. All it takes to get movies streamed instantly to you game console, such as the XBOX 360 or Playstation 3, is to download a quick app, and log into your account. It’s just as easy to do such navigation online for titles on your computer as well. Just log into Netflix on their website, and browse through thousands of movies that you can rent, and have sent to you by mail. Unlimited Movies (limited only by the amount of time you have in one month) for an incredibly low fee. Yup… we’re living the American dream now.

Well, it actually gets better than that now folks, because CueThat is here. CueThat is a clever little service that allows users even more freely than before, to add movies to their Netflix Cue. You won’t have to log into your account anymore to add something to your list of future movies by mail, but instead, simply select the movie from anywhere on the web (highlight it), and with a simple plugin/extension in your browser, you can add that movie to your Netflix cue right then and there, making things swift and easy for everyone. Check out a quick video below telling you more:

(via HuffingtonPost)

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