Wouldn’t it be cool to finally be able to talk to your iPhone, like a real person, and have it perform tasks that you instructed verbally? It’s been a feature for a while in Android phones, and with Apple’s acquisition of Siri Assistant, it’s been a hot rumor that Apple would introduce such a great feature for it’s upcoming iOS 5. The next iPhone announcement could very well be the place to see such a feature in action, and MacRumors has contacted an artist named Jan-Michael Cart to create a rendition of what the feature could look like, based on other rumors around the web.

Although the actual addition of such a feature isn’t confirmed at all, the idea of being able to interact with an iPhone in this way is sounding very attractive to me. One would have to wonder whether it would offer faster, and more importantly, more accurate results than Google’s platform. Google’s way of doing things in this regard have usually netted some pretty decent results for me, so I’m looking forward to finally getting to see Apple’s response.

Below is a video of what such a feature looks like, in the eyes of the artist. This isn’t an official feature release from Apple obviously, but if there was such a thing coming… it would be pretty exciting right? We’ll be able to find out whether something like this will be coming to us with the next generation of Apple’s mobile devices on October 4, 2011


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