In episode 2 and 3, we attempt to get things off on the right footing, and take the opportunity to explain some more basics behind the game of Kerbal Space Program. These first few videos are educational to those who know nothing about the game, or much about the science it is based on for that matter. To veterans of the game, this likely won’t be as entertaining, and certainly not as informative. I hope to do some good in presenting a little bit about my own play style, as well as some of the decisions behind the mods I’ve chosen, and how they will impact the game (which will be demonstrated more and more as time goes on).

In Episode 2 (above), we go up into space with our first sub-orbital probe and gather some much-needed science data to expand our understanding and technology. While doing this, we’ll tackle some more early game contracts so that we can build up our facilities. We also start in on our first airplane so that we can tackle some of the planet-side contracts later… but we’re a little limited on parts.

In Episode 3 (below) we’ve completed the plane, and take it for a quick flight. It doesn’t really go completely as planned. Then, we build up another rocket in hopes to set a milestone for Kerbals: sending¬†a man into orbit! While we’re in space, we’ll also be suiting up for a quick space walk before braving the atmosphere on the way down.

If you’re enjoying this series so far, leave me comments and let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon. We’ve got a long way to go, and we need to make progress! I’ll try to have new episodes up every couple of days. Like I mentioned in the introductory article for this series, over a dozen episodes are already recorded. I just have to edit and upload between my work schedule.

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