Apple has now essentially confirmed that the Macbook Pro line of computers will be getting refreshed in a few days. The computers now will not “ship within 24 hours” but instead will ship in 3-5 business days. This move prevents people from buying the older model, and allows them to not be angry when Apple refreshes the computer days after they buy one.

This is also inline with all of the rumors that have been going around about the Macbook Pro refresh. We see that Apple Insider has reported that some stores should expect some “sealed packages” to be delivered early this week.

We can only wonder what changes will actually come to the Macbook Pro line, but it should be noted that the changes will likely be pretty big. For one, they’ll likely come with the new Intel Sany Bridge Processors, and be even more energy efficient.


No more speculation though… just don’t buy a Macbook Pro until after February 24th. Tomorrow’s model will be here any minute!


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