This iPad app is just the beginning of what Condition One CEO Danfung Dennis has in store for his new video technology (patent pending).

Dennis worked as a photojournalist for many years, and was constantly on the move around the scenes of war and turmoil. Struggling to really express the true experience he wanted to present, Dennis switched up his game from published photographer, to documentary filmmaker.

As an Oscar-nominated documentarian, Dennis embedded himself with soldiers over seas armed with a Glidecam, shotgun microphone, Canon DSLR camera, and other various professional video equipment to capture experiences in an entirely new way. He shot and directed the film Hell and Back Again, and while it had been released to a huge number of people, it still wasn’t enough for Dennis. He needed to do it better.

From that need, he assembled a team of engineers and designers to pioneer a new way to experience video. Condition One is that creation.

The technology does take a slight change for hardware, and the software is licensed out to only a few entities right now. Currently the concept is being pitched and implemented to various major media outlets, such as the Washington Post and The Guardian. The best part about this, from my perspective as an editor, is that Dennis claims that the immersive video footage doesn’t disrupt the post-production workflow (although I’m quite interested to see if all the normal formats and codecs will be supported such technology, along with my traditional editing software, such as Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.

While it looks as it it wouldn’t be practical to move the iPad (and thus, your body and/or eyes) to see different elements of the video content, the image manipulation is also possible with movement of your fingers as well (like a joystick on a game).

Dennis says that he can also see television usage also being possible in the future, perhaps with gestures or other interactive modes of function. The product has no actual public release yet, so for now we’ll need to sit back and wait for the big media players to play around and decide on the practicality of it.

Does this technology excite you at all, or do you believe it’ll just be yet another gimmick that very few people will even adopt or try out? Let us read your opinions in the comments section below!


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