Jailbreakme superstart Comex has just announced that he’ll be starting an internship at Apple in two weeks. The announcement comes just over 24 hours after tech legend Steve Jobs announced that he was resigning as Apple’s CEO.

What strkes Comex as the most surprising is the reactions that he received from the jailbreak community, upon hearing about the announcement. One would think that there would be quite a bit of negative comments about his decision, but in fact the results were quite the opposite. Many followers, including fellow hacker Musclenerd, congratulated him on his new internship, and wished him great success on his future with Apple.

It’s unclear exactly what prompted this move from Comex at this time, but going on a previous tweet, just moments before his announcement, it sounds like although the journey and battle with Apple’s firmware had it’s fun points, he was likely just “getting bored” with everything. He isn’t the first hacker to leave the jailbreak scene for a job with a huge technology company. If you remember, George Hotz is now working for Facebook.

Apple is very secretive, and I we may never know exactly what he’ll do for them. It’s safe to assume he’ll be working on Scott Forstall’s iOS development team, and it’s very likely that with Comex on board, it would be even harder to jailbreak Apple’s mobile operating system.

Does this make him sound like a traitor to his community, and his vast fanbase? Interpret it as you will, but this is a fantastic opportunity to him, and I for one wish him the best of luck in everything he does for his future, even if it means helping Apple go against jailbreaking.

You never know… maybe with Comex on board, we may find a few easter eggs here and there.¬†This is an amazing opportunity, and he’s going to get as close as you can possibley get to Apple’s software… helping to build it.

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