Today we’re looking at Clueful, arguably one of the most useful new security applications to hit the App Store recently. Clueful’s entire purpose is to give you huge amounts of information about any application you have installed, and any app you may want to install, on your iOS Device. Let’s take a little look…

Essentially, this app tells you information about what your applications are doing. I’m not talking about just basic activities that you can see either. I’m referring to the background processes their doing, including the places they go on the internet, and the data they transfer without you knowing. If one is following your location without your knowledge, looking at your ad tracking, address book, or browser history, it will tell you so you can change your settings, or just delete the app.

The best part Clueful, I believe, is what Clueful will do for you before you download an app. Clueful will easily be able to tell you, before purchase, what sorts of data a given app messes with on your device. Maybe a game you’ve never tried before taps into your address book, and you can’t understand why. Maybe the game tracks your location too. These sorts of activities aren’t something every app needs to do, and Clueful will allow you to better understand the tasks that apps do without your knowledge. It can be pretty helpful.

Security of data is of the up-most importance in today’s digital world, and any app that can tell you more about your phones data is probably a good thing to consider. Having said that though, the value of such an application is completely dependent on what security is worth to the user, and how savvy they are with their device (to understand what the app is telling them).

With that being said, Clueful is an important app for anybody who takes their security seriously, and understands how to use it. In all honesty, it’s likely an app that the minority are going to download, and there is nothing wrong with that. If I didn’t have Installous to test this thing out before writing this review, I’d probably feel bad about spending the money on it. Then again, I don’t check the security of my information nearly enough, so I’m probably asking for trouble anyways.

Clueful is available on the App Store for $3.99. You can download it directly using the blue button below.

Download Clueful Here


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