Note: This does require you are jailbroken. If you aren’t jailbroken yet, CLICK HERE.

On the iPhone, we have the ability to switch between applications very easily. With a simple double-tap of that home button, we can view and immediately switch to any application we’ve got open. This sounds pretty easy… until you see this!

Chpwn, a big name in the iPhone development community, has released a brand new application to Cydia that does multitasking in a whole new way. Instead of using the home button (which is something physical, and in many people’s cases, doesn’t work very well anymore on older phones), Chpwn’s tool uses touch-based gestures to do it.

In the video below he demonstrates some of the key features of his new application, which he’s named Zephyr. Zephyr, in case you were wondering, is a type of wind. The application is available in Cydia right now for $2.99.

One important note about this tweak, is that gamers on the iDevices may want to disable the tweak when in landscape mode (in other words, make it so this doesn’t function when the phone is sideways). Gamers may find that swiping their fingers near the edge of the gaming screen for particular games (like Fruit Ninja, where this happens all of the time) may get annoying when the multitasking bar continues to appear. Just some food for thought!

It think this is really cool, and find it to be more consistent with Apple’s UI, considering the Notification Center is summoned with a swipe down from the top. Multitasking would be a bit more consistent with the rest of the device, and it’s certainly faster than the stock multitasking method once you get used to it.

Another great feature of this tweak is your ability to move between apps on the fly, just like WebOS’ cards layout. Users will be able to navigate from app to app simply by swiping their screens over. Watch the video below to see what I mean.


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