Apple has released a couple commercials for the iPhone 5 thus far, but this one actually advertises iOS 6 more than the iPhone 5 exclusively. It’s important to remember that while the iPhone 5 may be a significant upgrade from previous generations, it’s not actually the exclusive holder of any particular function in iOS 6.

Those who hold iPhone 4S get everything iOS 6 has to offer still.

In this ad, Apple shows off their new Panorama camera functionality, which is included for iOS 6 for everyone wielding everything newer than iPhone 4. The feature works really fluid, and is very easy to use, guiding the user through the process and speed every step of the way. It’s also intellegent enough to know when you dip or rotate the camera a little (your hand can’t be perfectly straight in its motion), and can compensate for those movements in the final image.

In total, a panoramic photo from iPhone 5 and 4S will produce a 28MP image that, like the ad shows, can easy add a great touch to any wall later on if needed.


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