Camera technology so fast, it can “see inside our body, without an X-Ray.”

That’s what Ramesh Raskar says in this 11-minute TED talk, as he takes us through some breakthrough technology that truly boggles my mind, especially as someone involved with media and the film industry.

Femto–photography, as it’s called, is a new type of imaging so fast it visualizes the world one trillion frames per second. This technology is so incredibly fast and so detailed, that it shows light itself in motion. Raskar mentions that one day cameras may be capable of looking around corners and seeing inside the human body without using X-rays!

In the video above, Raskar demonstrates Femto-photography by showing photons from a beam of light as they travel through a Coke bottle. This is something that no other tech has been able to truly capture before. In fact, the video (which was recorded at 1 trillion frames per second) shows light’s path in just about 25 seconds. It’s slowed down enough to show LIGHT traveling through a BOTTLE for TWENTY-FIVE SECONDS. Fathom that if you dare.

Put another way, if you were to shoot a gun, and record the bullet traveling the same distance (the length of a Coke bottle), the video stream would last over a year.  Crazy!


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