Even with all the negatives in the gaming news (at least when talking about Sony), the gaming world does still have one thing to look forward to.. and that’s Modern Warfare 3!

The Call of Duty franchise has done amazing since it’s first debut in 2003. The game has grown to be the central-prowess of hardcore shooter games everywhere, especially when it comes to it’s bread & butter (and the reason it’s popular in the first place): Online play. If you have never played a Call Of Duty multiplayer game before, you’re a silly human-being who needs to give up your life for a minute, and play this game with the rest of us.

The third installment to the Modern Warfare title hasn’t had much information spread about it yet, but by the description given about it… I’m sure it’ll do very well when it finally hits stores.

The game opens moments after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2 with the U.S. struggling to stave off a surprise Russian attack. The single-player campaign will ping-pong players around the world as they take on the multiple throwaway roles as a Russian Federal Protective Services agent, SAS Operative, tank gunner, and AC-130 gunner as well as key characters from previous installments and new recurring characters. The game will feature about 15 missions, kicking off with the invasion of Manhattan by a Russian force and wrapping up with a final encounter in Dubai.

People are bound to be lined up for hours outside of Gamestop when this thing comes out, but you can actually reserve your pre-order for the game through AMAZON if you want, and have it sent to your house (for those who feel less “hard-core” about it). No word yet on what kind of bonus content there will be available for it either, but you can very well bet that Gamestop “exclusive” content will be available for pre-order people as well!

Here is a little teaser for you. Enjoy!


The Amazon.com listing states it will be released November 8th, 2011… mark it on your calendar soldier…


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