YOU CAN NOW HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS PAGES ON GOOGLE PLUS!!! WOO HOO!! Get your name out there, and grab that name you want NOW!

Publishers, and pretty much all online entities have greatly benefited from social networking in a way we never would have thought possible ten years ago. Google Plus has been really slow to get moving in this world of fast-paced advances, but overall… they are moving in the right direction.

Google Plus, for those who aren’t a part of this awesome network yet, mixes virtually all forms of social networking into one place. It’s like Facebook in the sense that you can have friends, post photos and connect with people directly and over video. It’s like Twitter, in the sense that you can follow anybody you want, and get updated from all of those places in one feed. It’s also like a blog. With an insanely large amount of typing being allowed in one post, people can get their entire message out without needing to extend themselves into commenting on their own post. It also adds an entirely new form of conferencing, with Google hangouts, by far the best feature on this network.

Google+ Pages will surely help aid businesses in connecting with their customers, and also aid other online entities to stay in touch with their fans (like us!). I’m not sure whether Hangouts will be implemented from the page itself, but one could only wonder whether a public hangout from a page could truly be public (and not just limited to 10 people). The 10 person Hangout is awesome, of course. However, it would be so incredible if Hangouts could host spectators that could watch and contribute in the chat area only. I’d LOVE it!

My favorite part, and I know this is really small, is that Google allows the ‘!’ to be in the business name. Facebook wouldn’t allow me to have an exclamation point on HotTips, even though, legally, the business name actually has that exclamation point. With Google, it wasn’t a big deal, and it was totally allowed! WONDERFUL! (yup… I’m a nerd).



(source: Google Blog)

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