Update: This bug has been fixed by Blizzard, however, a similar bug now exists for Barbarians! Check it out!

There has been a bug discovered in Diablo 3 that essentially enables you to become invincible to all attacks. Imagine, a bug that lets you become a God. Yes, that just happened!

According to a post on the Blizzard Forums, there is a very simple process to getting this to work. The video above shows you what exactly the benefits are of utilizing this little quirk in the code, but the opportunity to not play nice likely won’t last very long. I recommend playing non-stop for the rest of the night and day until Blizzard fixes it. I mean, you wouldn’t want this little gem to go to waste now would you?

Step 1: Select Teleport – Fracture. Bind it to a key
Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon
Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your character
Step 4: Press Teleport
Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

The problem becomes even more escalated due to Diablo III having a real-money auction house. Simply put, people can use this cheat and become rich later… as in, real money. You’ll need to be a Wizard class, and there is no restriction on game mode. There are a few skills you will no longer be able to use, but you cannot be harmed, so who the hell cares.

Like I said, there is a possibility at making real money with this bug, so I’d be getting to playing non-stop Diablo if I were you, and were capable of such things. That is all.. have fun children.

(via Kotaku)


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