Well, there you go everyone. It happened. Finally, after all of this speculation, rumors, and drooling… Verizon has now officially announced that the CDMA iPhone for it’s network is the real deal! Apple’s Tim Cook appeared on stage, and announced that they were happy to bring the CDMA iPhone 4 to the 93 million Verizon Wireless subscribers!

Now it’ll be interesting to see what AT&T has to say about this whole thing. Their facebook page admins have stated that their official statement on the matter will be posted to their facebook page as soon as it is available. I’ll be looking forward to reading that.

Verizon has stated that the iPhone wll be available EXCLUSIVELY to existing customers on February 3rd for Pre-order, and that everybody else will get it begining February 10th! Price? EXACT SAME as it always has been. $199 with 2-year agreement for the 16GB model ($299 for the 32GB model).

There are goods, and bads with this as well: First off, the CDMA iPhone on Verizon will be able to act as a WiFi Hotspot! Also, there is in fact an unlimited data plan included with Verizon’s network. Of course, that may change once they see just how much data those amazing things consume.

On the other side of things, however, Verizon’s network is slower. People will notice a much slower data experience with Verizon (at the same price). They will also notice that they STILL are not going to be able to talk and surf at the same time. This is a CDMA restriction, not an iPhone restriction.  I suppose it all matters whether or not you have a preference for speed and multitasking… or unlimited and tethering (Note that if you receive a phone call while tethering, all data activity on your device will stop. Any downloads, will need to be restarted).

Everyone has their preferences I supppose. There are some very noticeable differences between the two devices though… If you are curious about which iPhone to go with, AT&T or Verizon… You may want to give THIS ARTICLE a read right now!

In the meantime though… we must think ahead to the future. Honestly, the Verizon iPhone is a GREAT idea, and it can help AT&T in all actuality.

The company announced today at it’s big invitation-only event today that Apple has created a CDMA phone for it’s network, and that they are more than ready for it. They claimed in previous reports from other sites that they believe their network is ready, and that it can handle whatever the iPhone can throw at it!

We’ll see about that!

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