Got an Android phone? Android Tablet? Do you also love cars and working on them? This may be something you’d like to invest in!

I am not a car guy, but my brother is. I bought him an Actron CP9580 as a gift for his mechanic shop. He loves it and I am glad he does. He loves buying cars and fixing them and all that mumbo jumbo. I speak electronics, not cars. I am honestly the last person you want to talk about cars. But know you ask, why should I even keep reading?

Well, this is the part about the electronics that I am going to speak about.

Android users are able to download a program to their device and buy a Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner. They can connect the phone to the scanner via Bluetooth (obviously) and check the MIL codes, DTC and all that stuff.

My brother’s friend ordered 2 of them. 1 for him and 1 for me. (He’s going to show me how to understand cars better). I will also make a review when I get it in the mail!

You need a few things.

An Android Phone
An Application for the phone
The Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner
And of course, a vehicle to work on!

You can get any Android phone that has the software version of 1.5 and up (Pretty much any phone nowadays)

The application you can use is Torque Lite or any other app in the market.

The Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner which can be bought here on Amazon. That is the same one we bought.

Of course, the vehicle.

To pair it, you have to have the scanner connected to the vehicle. Then search for it on the phone. It may say paired but connected. Go to Torque Lite or Torque Pro and it will connect.

Here are some reviews of what people have said.

When I receive mine, I will have that review up not long after I learn how to use it! Stay tuned!

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