Well it’s that time of year again for game developers to start doing big sales on their hottest apps!

Not that there is actually a pattern to it. Actually, developers do this stuff all the time. Developers have been putting applications out onto the App Store for so long, and in many cases, big sales can bring in a little extra revenue, and also help build popularity within the titles. This is especially true with multiplayer games. Get an awesome, fast-paced shooter game that has amazing graphics and gameplay into somebody’s hands for $0.99, and they’ll tell a few friends about how cool it is when the app is back a $4. Sounds like a cool idea to me.

In this edition of awesome deals, that developer is none other than Gameloft!

Gameloft has made some amazing titles in the past, and this time around, their offering FIVE awesome apps at a big discount price. This sale likely won’t last a really long time, so you should certainly look into getting them while you can.

Just check them out using the links below, and see if anything interests you. I can attest to Modern Combat 2 being insanely good, and The Settlers is pretty sweet as well.

Gamelofts super sale consists of these titles for October:

9mm , The Settlers, Eternal Legacy, Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, and Modern Combat 2.

These games are available on your iPhone quickly from the little boxes below. If you need them for iPad, click the text links right here instead: 9mmThe Settlers HDEternal Legacy HDSacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HDModern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD


UPDATED: It occurred to me that I hadn’t put a box up here for 9mm, which is awesome…

CLICK HERE FOR “9mm” for iPhone

UPDATED: Sale is over. Games are still really good though.

All these are currently retailing for just $0.99 in the app store. Some of these are usually $4 or more. I would jump on this if I were you. I already have for 9mm… IDK, looks interesting. Kinda reminds me of Grand Theft Auto, only in my hand, and with a 12 player multiplayer mode! 12 PLAYERS!

Have fun everyone! Remember, shoot to kill, and show no mercy!

(via Technoodling)

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