While watching the demonstration of Watch Dogs, I was so sucked into the story and play style that I had entirely forgot about grabbing any photos of the game. It doesn’t matter though, because we’ve got the full demonstration here to see for yourself.

It’s rare for this Electronic Entertainment Expo seeing a brand new game. This isn’t a sequel to anything. It’s a totally original concept, and it’s really awesome. Players maintain the power to control a city’s infrastructure in an open world that is constantly changing and developing as you play. Players can access anything with ctOS, the single operating system that controls and monitors everything in the city. From power grids, water lines, mobile communication systems, to traffic lights. Everything can be manipulated for the purposes of getting what you want done.

Informational pop up graphics help the player along in learning information that will help them succeed. Watch Dog will allow every player to know another person’s blood type, criminal record, and (as displayed here), their probability of violence.

There are consequences for the citizens of the city every time you do something too. Check out the gameplay trailer above and be amazed!

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