Batman Arkham City, the awesomely popular console and PC title, created by Warner Bros., has now arrived on the App Store for iOS Devices. The game comes in with the name “Lockdown” and features excellent gameplay for every Batman fan. Let’s take a look!

The game utilizes the Unreal Engine for graphics, which are absolutely stunning. I wouldn’t say quite as stunning as, Infinity Blade II, but stunning nevertheless. The visuals are fantastic, and not only are the cutscenes awesome, but the transitions to combat are smooth as well. Batman fans will love playing Arkham City.

The game will take you through a short tutorial to introduce you to the controls, however the gameplay will be fairly familiar to you if you’ve played Infinity Blade. Combat is very well done, and your enemies can sometimes begin glowing red in a “rage mode,” allowing them to cause more damage in their angry rage. The damage isn’t always easy to avoid taking, but luckily the opponents become stunned after the rage wears off, allowing you to take advantage of key opportunities to defeat them with good timing and combo strikes. The game also allows for counters with great fighters, so practice a bunch and you’ll be unstoppable… at least for a little while anyways.

The game uses the same leveling system that the console and PC version uses, so you’ll be gaining experience with every fallen foe, allowing you to enhance Batman and give him upgrades and new abilities. Batman’s health is located in the standard top corner of the screen (on the left), and the enemy’s health (that you are fighting) is also at the top, opposite of yours.

Among the standard hoodlums and thugs, you’ll also be meeting up with the Two-Face, the Joker, and a brand new character exclusive to this mobile version, Deathstroke! The boss battles are sometimes tricky, and can present a challenge to all but the most skilled iOS gamers. Their moves tend to change-up every time you meet them, and you’ll likely need to learn how to beat them each time. Overall though, you’ll get it done, and you’ll feel great when you do.

One great feature introduced in this game is a feature that allows you to have different “skins” for Batman. In total, there are four skins for Batman, including the one you start with. The other three are, unfortunately, available with an in-app purchase. The available skins are:

  1. “Animated-series Batman” (New look. Also dishes out more damage to enemies, but has less health)
  2. “Dark Knight Batman” (New look. Dishes out more damage and has more health, but is much slower)
  3. “Batman Beyond” (New look. Is much faster, but dishes out less damage and has less health)
These skins provide you with a different look for Batman, and will provide him with certain additional benefits unique to each one. The skins only cost $0.99 each with an in-app purchase, so they won’t set you back too bad, and will likely be worth it to anybody really wanting to experience what the game can offer. Having said that, buying them all makes this game cost $9 total, which is a bit more for this game. Some people won’t mind though, and for those people, you’re awesome, and you’ll look awesome in those skins too!

I honestly do recommend getting this game if you’re a fan of RPGs, games with heavy doses of combat, and of course, BATMAN!  You can pick it up in the App Store right now for $5.99.

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