AT&T has been vastly criticized for taking down their unlimited data plans. What makes matters worse, is that for those of us who do use our phones for more than the allotted 2GB every month, and want to keep the unlimited data, we get another metaphorical kick in the face when being told we cannot have the tethering option, without losing our beloved unlimted plans.


There is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel now though. As 9to5Mac reports, AT&T will now be granting an extra 2GB of data per month to those who have the tethering option added to their plan. Now, they’ll have a total of 4GB to use per month, and have the ability to tether, all for that same $20 per month. This is a bit more reasonable, if you ask me. It allows people to now have that extra option, along with doubling the amount of usage they are allowed every month.

The changes take effect, starting February 13th.

Obviously they are doing this because of Verizon. The Verizon iPhone has already helped customers with the competition factor, and it isn’t even on the market yet! I’m not going to Verizon, but I am affecte by this in a positive way! Yay!

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