Apple’s new iPad advertisement proves that the display is their biggest marketing feature on the new device. The ad is their first in a series of ads to showcase what the new iPad has to offer, and will likely be airing on television near you shortly.

Although the screen may be Apple’s favorite feature, many people will love the fact that it has LTE capabilities more, or the quad-core graphics. Some will just love the design, which is virtually the same as the previous models. I suppose when you have the most popular tablet, and people already love the way it looks and feels in their hands, there isn’t really a reason to change the exterior much. Glad to see they beefed up what it can do though.

Apple’s commercials are really one of the main reasons they do so well in the stores today. If you watch them, you’ll noticed they are distinctly different than every other company’s ads. They are more effective, and they’ll always win the marketing game because of them. Their competition should take notes.

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