Apple’s stock continues to soar hitting an all time high of 552 at closing. Kinda makes me feel really dumb that I sold my two stocks of AAPL back in 2007 so that I could make a motorcycle payment. – I mean, don’t get me wrong, I ended up with a profit still, but $50 ahead is sure a hell of a loss compared to the $1,100+ I could have today if I sold today.

After the closing today, Apple’s market cap rests at an astonishing $514B which now towers over Exxon, who is in second place now with $403B.

Who knows how much higher Apple will climb. They’re slated to release another sold-out iPad this coming Friday, which will likely break more sales records as they roll out worldwide faster than they’ve ever launched before. Then, at the keynote presentation on March 7, Tim Cook announced that that 2012 was going to be a big year, and that they had a lot more coming.

What in the world are they up to, and how big are they going to get?

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