Apple has officially announced their next generation iPhone to the world, and there are a lot of things to go over today! Tim Cook hit the stage from the get go, beginning with past figures and talking about how Apple is doing in the world (as usual) before getting down to the details we really came for. The announcement came from the Apple campus in Cupertino, California, in a room Tim Cook called the “Town Hall” which has much history behind it (such as being the place where the first iPod was announced, among other things).

As far as the past few months of rumors go, a few of the most obvious and heavy-weighted ones were right. The next generation iPhone comes with a similar look and feel, although it will contain a new dual-core processing chip, the A5. The A5 chip, as you likely know about already, is found in the latest rendition of Apple’s tablet computer, the iPad 2. The processor will bring a huge increase in speed and performance to the handset, and will offer an even more fantastic user experience for the heaviest of users. In fact, it has tested 7-times faster than the previous iPhone, and the graphics are enhanced yet again, with the Dual-core graphics.

The iPhone will also be packing 512MB of Random Access Memory (RAM) allowing the phone to perform more fluid and smooth under conditions where extensive multitasking is being performed. If you are a person who uses their devices a lot, and has a need to keep things open more often, the RAM will really be something you’ll like on the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S will feature the same basic physical design though, so it will not come with the rumored curved back. It will, however come with a much improved battery life! The 4S will offer eight hours of 3G talk time. six hours of browsing, nine hours on WiFi. ten hours of video, and forty hours of music. This is a fantastic power-management upgrade, and will allow people to use their devices even longer.

The antenna inside the iPhone 4S will also feature a new “intellegent” wireless technology that will allow the antenna to move between two different cell towers to send and receive, greatly increasing data speeds. It will also support both GSM and CDMA, and will be compatible with AT&T’s HSDPA tech. It will NOT be LTE enabled. This support means the phone will not only be universal with all carriers, but you will be able to move your iPhone from a GSM carrier, to a CDMA carrier, and vice-versa, if you aren’t pleased with your carrier. The speeds have improved greatly.. actually.. they’ve doubled again.

The iPhone 4S camera does indeed have an eight megapixel sensor. That’s 3264 x 2448 for your photos. It will bring forth 60% more pixels in your photos, and allow for 73% more light to be captured, with the backlighted CMOS technology. It contains an Hybrid IR filter for more accurate colors, and more uniformity for your photos. The lens contains 5 elements, and will produce 30% more sharpness, with an f-stop coming to 2.4 (f2.4 is pretty fast, especially for a mobile phone). With the help of the A5 processor as well, the camera will also give 26% more accurate white balance and snap pictures 33% faster photos (less waiting around with the camera app).

Also with the camera, is video, which is a standard for mobile phones. The iPhone 4S now records video at 1080p resolution at 30fps, the standard in HD video resolution (unless you want to shoot on film… yeah). As well as the resolution, Apple’s software now features intelligent noise reduction filters, as well as image stabilization to help those videos be more fluid.

The last feature mentioned, in regards to the new mobile platform from Apple, is all about our voices. It’s another true rumor, which we mentioned very briefly before, called Siri. Some of you may be familiar with that name, because it’s a very popular voice command application that was available on the App Store… that is, until Apple bought them out. It’s all about voice commands, and making your iPhone do what you tell it to do… literally. Siri will take your everyday, and relaxed sentences, and give you what you want from your iPhone. It produces very accurate responses to your commands, being able to understand sentences about as well as Apple’s automated phone support system does (which actually is pretty good at it). You will now be able to search the web, look up restaurants, get directions, add contacts, and even set your alarm clock with simple voice commands that your phone will be able to understand and interpret accurately… at least, we hope. Might be a good idea to check it’s work every now and then too. Just sayin. The features works pretty much exactly like the video in the article linked above says it does, if you want a PREVIEW of it. Siri is also smart enough to remember what you say for the future, so if you need to send text messages with your voice, you won’t have to tell it over and over again who to send it to (unless you are changing of course). This will hopefully help those texting and driving people that annoy me so much.

The demonstrations of Siri at work are VERY impressive. The diversity of the voice abilities in this next addition of iPhone (which will likely be in iOS 5 for all iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices) is actually enough for me to say it’s impressive. You’d have to see the video for yourself later, but Siri’s capabilities are not only diverse and accurate, but expandable over time. A man can, for example, schedule a meeting while he’s running, and have the phone tell him there is a conflict in his schedule, and give him options to move his meeting to another time. That meeting will then, of course, sync to all of his other devices with iCloud, and he never even has to lose his stride. With Siri Assistant, you can work while you’re working out! Nice!

So, when is it available, and also… how much does it cost? Great questions, and I think you’ll be pleased with the answers! Black and white versions of the iPhone 4S are pretty standard pricing still, with the 16GB model coming in at the standard: $199, the 32GB for $299, and the 64GB for $399 (yes.. a 64GB version for you storage freaks). Pre-orders for the 4S start this Friday, October 7th with full availability on October 14th. YOU CAN HAVE THIS ON AT&T, VERIZON, and SPRINT TOO!!! The iPhone 4 will come in a 8GB format for $99, and the iPhone 3GS surprisingly isn’t dead after-all, as it will be FREE (with 2-year agreement).

So what are your thoughts? Is this device update a big enough deal to get you to upgrade, or switch from your other device, to this one? Honestly, for those who are enjoying Android phones… there really isn’t anything new for you here, aside from perhaps a more accurate voice control, and maybe better photos with the CMOS backlighting software built into the 5-element camera. Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook Page.

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