The iPhone is well-known for “push notifications,” as is every smart phone. Each device has its own way of notifying users that they’ve missed something, or that there is new information for them to view. One way that the iPhone notifies us, is by putting “badges” on our app icons. These badges are always a number, and that number changes depending on how much information has been updated to see. My mail icon, for example, would show a “5” if I have 5 unread emails. This might seem fine to many people, but what if you don’t like the numbers? What if you’d rather customize the badges to say… anything? With anyBadge from Cydia, you absolutely can!

This tweak, which requires a jailbroken iPhone to install, is developed by iOS developer Javier Brito, which debuted the free version of anyBadge earlier this month. With this tweak, users will be able to add further personality and expression to their app icons, basically having them say whatever you want, including text, numbers, and even Emoji if you’d like. anyBadge and anyBadge Pro are essentially the same application, but the Pro version (which costs just 99¢) offers more functionality within its preferences panel.

The prompt you see above shows you what the interface looks like when adding a badge, and a sample of something you could do with your badges.

So what’s the main difference between the two versions? Well, in the free version of the tweak, your custom icon badges will show all of the time. There aren’t any custom rules you can set as to when they’ll show. With the Pro version, you can set rules as to when they will and won’t show up. If you like setting a lot of icon badges, you’ll end up making your phone look a bit messy with the free version. The “custom badge alerts” feature that makes it so the badges you create only show up on application icons when you have actual notifications coming in for that icon, another excellent upgrade when using the Pro version.

If you’re interested in giving anyBadge Pro a try, you can download it in Cydia now from the BigBoss repository. The application is currently ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH iOS 7 (nothing older), and will support arm 64 devices (meaning it is 64-bit compatible). If you are currently viewing this from a Jailbroken iPhone that meets these requirements, you can TAP HERE to open it in Cydia directly.

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