Apparently the legend of Angry Birds lives on far beyond the digital realm. We’ve all known they’ve been at the top of the mobile gaming world for a very…very… long time. They also have lots of stuffed animals that you can buy as well, if you have $40 to spend!

But now, things are getting crazy. Mattel: I think you may have shot too far with this one. May I present to you ladies and gentlemen… the Angry Birds Board Game! This actually made news and drew in a crowd at CES this year. That, in itself, makes it worthy of some recognition.

This product, as featured on CNET at CES 2011, was not exactly a high tech gadget to review. Yet, in all of it’s bizarreness and wonderful¬†curiosities… it made it into the tech show anyways. Would you actually play this thing? I’m not sure it’s worth my time, but it would be a great birthday gift if your son or daughter (or Mom) plays a lot of Angry Birds!


As the lovely Natali mentions in the video, Angry Birds is also scheduled to hit the Playstation 3 and the PSP in about a week or so. This is further confirmed by reading the Playstation Blog

Essentially… The Birds are taking over the world.

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